"A waterrocket is a type of model rocket using water and pressurised air. The rockets are mostly made of plastic soft drink bottles. The water is forced out of the rocket by the pressurised air what is causing it to lift up." This is a simple interpretation of the waterrocket.

After a few years of experimentation we now make many more advanced rockets.

Today, the body of all our rockets are reinforced with at least one layer of fiberglass. They also have a payload made of very lightweight wood on top of it. In the payload is a timer which controles the parachute system. There is at least one parachute in each rocket. The payload also carries an onboard cam and an altimeter, which measures all the flight data including speed,altitute,etc. On the bottom of the rocket, there are 3 or 4 lightweight wings which make sure that the rocket will fly straight up. We launch our rockets on a wooden launch pad, which is connected to a scuba tank.